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Help choosing an anti-human antibody - (May/13/2008 )


I'm using several human sera as primary antibodies in western blots against TG plant protein (my plants are producing a bacterial protein against which another lab has tested some sera and found it displayed some reactivity, but I need to see what sort of reactivity it has against a total soluble plant protein sample as opposed to a purified sample) and I'm not sure as to which secondary antibody to use. The lab that did the initial experiments used rabbit anti-human (gamma-chain specific) IgG/HRP, Rabbit F(ab')2 from Dako, but they don't seem to carry this antibody anymore, and the equivalent from Sigma hasn't been tested for immunoblotting and I'd prefer to go with something that I know will work.

Since this isn't my field, I don't really understand what sort of antibody I can choose - there are so many different types with different specificities. Does it really even matter since all I want is a general anti-human antibody? Can I choose any of them?

Thanks for any advice you can offer.


you could try this from sigma:

anti-human IgG (whole molecule)-hrp, from rabbit


QUOTE (mdfenko @ May 13 2008, 08:48 PM)

I will, thank you!