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FTA DNA extraction Cotton - DNA extraction and kit (Sep/02/2004 )

A sales rep gave me a kit with FTA paper to try with my cotton samples. I got really poor PCR results. Some PCRed others didn't. Some had DNA in the well, but no bands. Smears all around. Has anyone worked with this? Is it worth my time to troubleshoot? If it worked it would be great.



I've never worked with FTA paper. However, dod the kit include the buffers for DNA extraction? My experience is that buffers designed to be "general purpose" work fine on tomato, arabidopsis, and other model plants, but not so well on anything with lots of phenolic compounds or polysaccharides. I've never worked with cotton, but most of the published DNA protocols I've seen for cotton use PVP and other phenolic-binding compunds in the initial buffers.