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Bad Acrylamide? - Could this have been my problem (May/09/2008 )

Hi all (again)

I had previously posted about a frozen membrane. I have been having many blots not turn out well .... esp. weak signal (that I had optimized 100%)

PLUS my resolving gel was not polymerizing well, it was a bit wavy at the top instead of sitting poker straight under the isopropanol) and I couldn't figure out why.

However after doing some detective work I found out somebody spilt my acrylamide wacko.gif and remade it.

So I remade it AGAIN, and now my gels are sitting straight and pretty! Haven't run a western yet because I am afraid to waste sample.

Even though I was getting some transfer (not as dark or consistent as normal via ponseau) is it possible that bad, or improper acrylamide could have contributed to inconsistent western results???


Yes, it could've.