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Determine specific primers and transgene copy number by PCR - (May/08/2008 )

I am trying to genotype my potential mouse founders. I understand i need to optimise PCR conditions, so first

1. I want to standardize the primer conditions, if i use any genomic DNA and do a PCR with my specific primers, I am not suppose to get any band ( as the genomic DNA is not ffrom my transgenic),

a) then what do i expect in results (on gel)
and how this will help in primer-standardization ?

2..I know one can detect the copy level also by PCR, how to standardize the PCR conditions to know that it is sensitive enough to detect the transgene at a single copy level?

3...Can anybody share a picture of genomic DNA ran on a gel, its a big DNA (compared to plasmid, which i have worked on), how does it look on gel..a smear..a clear band like plasmid DNA...

Any input is appreciated.


See the first result:;sn=158621799