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Databases of commercially available plasmids - (Apr/30/2008 )


using VectorNTI I construct and manage my sequences. A good feature of the program is the vector database harboring plasmids you can purchase from invitrogen. Do you know if something like that exists for other companies? i.e. if I am looking for the vector pGEX I could manually download the sequence data from GE or what would be better to download the vector database with all commercially available vectors of GE so that I don't have to search for a GE vector every time on the web. Do you know if sth. like that exists and what keyword I need to find it?


Vectorpedia at has most vectors, restriction maps, and annotated sequence. They have the pGEX series.


Phage, as always, you are a wellspring of information. This link is the greatest thing since sliced bread! You just made my day. biggrin.gif