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sequencing methods-when which one - (Apr/28/2008 )

under which conditions i chose the Sanger's Methode oder the pyrosequencing.
As far as i know the "maxam gilbert" method isn't used any more in theses days, am I right oder is it used under certain conditions?

thanks for your help


depends on what technology you have available to you and why you need sequencing.

if you have "next generation" sequencing available then you may want to do pyrosequencing.


original pyrosequencing is only good for ~20 bases, great for snps.

sanger can get you up to ~800 bases, great for general sequencing.


thanks a lot.
i need this information for a presentation about sequencing methods.
so for genome projects the use of sanger's method is better, because i can sequence up to 1000 bp.

and for example the pyroseq. is used maybe to find genomemutation in genome...heriditary mutations for example?

is the maxam gilbert method still used`? and when?


i'm not familiar with the maxam gilbert method, but it seems that it is not routinely used anymore.

according to wikipedia, it uses hazardous chemistry:



Also, M-G sequencing took longer and used lots more material. I think it died out pretty soon after Sanger's method became known.