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Can we bring DNA without TE-Buffer? - Help me, please (Apr/14/2008 )

Dear All,

I really confuse..
because my boss wanted to take DNA without TE-Buffer.
She told me that she got problem with airport checking.

I don't know that DNA must have MTA licence too.

I think (for recent) I can:
1. Lyophilized the DNA after give them TE-Buffer (but we dont have the instrument). or
2. Bring the pellet without TE-Buffer. laugh.gif (But, it is ok to bring the pellet? Are the DNA degrade?) or
3. Make MTA document first......(it takes long time procedure ph34r.gif )

Somebody, Can you help me? Maybe, you have any suggestion for me?
Thank you


i'm aware that RNA can be lyophilized, sent by courier, and later resuspended. the quality didn't decrease significantly, and RNA can be a hassle. therefore i think DNA should be ok to be lyophilized with no problem. N.B. i haven't done it myself.


What about to dry it on filter paper? I got once a plasmid on filter paper (in a normal envelop). I cut the marked paper piece, made wet in TE, vortexed and transferred the solution in a new tube. Would that be possible for you?