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Plant Genomic DNA Extraction Kit ? - Can anyone recommend a good one ? (Aug/23/2004 )

Hi I need to extract genomic DNA from plant

Organism : Chilli aka Hot pepper , Capsicuum annum

Downstream applications : PCR , Inverse PCR and Digesting , Sequencing

Sample size : approx. 1g or less

Any advice on what kit should i use (Which company ?) ...

Thanks in advance



"Nucleon Phyto Pure" from Amersham Bioscience

gives me allways very nice amounts and good DNA quality




Qiagen products also work well for plant DNA purification.
Be sure you try to use softer leaves (younger) that will provide better yields.
Our lab used both (Amersham and Qiagen) as kits for Capsicum annuum DNA purifications, both worked well. Also CTAB protocol and Dellaporta et al work fine. Depends on your access to kits.
Good luck ! smile.gif


biggrin.gif Qiagen works very well here.


Thanks a lot everyone biggrin.gif