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DNA not dissolving - (Apr/09/2008 )

Hi guys
I am extracting genomic DNA from garlic leaves. After initial extraction by CTAB method and then washing with wash buffer (Ammonium acatate + alcohol 76%) I am trying to dissolve it in TE. But some of the samples have not yet dissolved in TE after 2 days also. so what maybe the problem. Kindly advise.


Are you drying you DNA pellet? If you "overdry" your DNA it won't dissolve....


Too much DNA for the TE volume or too dry as said before. If too much DNA add a little more of TE and heat the samples in a water bath at 55C for an 1h.


Are you sure that it's DNA?
Aside from using enough solvent to dissolve the DNA, DNA is extremely soluble in aqueous solution. I wouldn't expect you to have any problem in dissolving DNA in an appropriate volume of TE buffer.


I agree with Astillius. Don't assume the DNA is insoluble because you still see the pellet. The pellet is probably some other crap. But if you are measuring solubility by absorbance, then you may have a problem (no DNA in pellet or insoluble). You might try placing it in a sonicating water bath.