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Surface expression - (Apr/09/2008 )

Whats the concept of biotynlation.
Does simple western blotting can not confirm the expression of protein.


biotinylation allows you to amplify the signal from your detection system.

avidin (and streptavidin) has multiple (5, i think) binding sites for biotin.

if your antibody (usually the secondary) is biotinylated then you can bind (strept)avidin to one. then 2 or 3 biotinylated enzyme molecules (ap or hrp) can be bound to each antibody/(strept)avidin complex.

in this way you will have 2 or 3 enzyme molecules where you would normally have only one.


Hallo i am nut sure completly, biotinylation serve not just for evidence for protein expresion as western blot does, but can by used for expresion quantification
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