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Which brands of pipettes are the best - (Apr/08/2008 )

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QUOTE (sanjiun81 @ Apr 16 2008, 01:46 AM)
This is the electronic display i mentioned before... notice that they have a cycle counter to count how many times you pipette and service purpose... i go crazy when i need to send for service while i was using it!!!!

If you plan to get a classic Gilson, I think these are the classic one:

Wow, Sanjiun, It is very nice of you! Thanks a lot!

I think I will get the classic Pipetman® Neo. I really appreciate your help!

Have good everyday!


Hello, everyone.
I have a similar question but i'm not looking for purchase now.

I think all the labs i've seen in our department use pipettes from Gilson.
i just don't really know why.

Is there more reason why most people use pipettes from Gilson, Eppendorf, Finnpipet?

Have anyone ever used pipettes from Hamilton?




I would strongly recommend that you stay away from the newer digital Gilson pipette's too.......

We have 'hot' zones in our lab i.e. bench for DNA electrophoresis, GMO work, Protein work, etc etc and each area has a set of Gilson pipettes (Classic)

We were rather annoyingly duped into this amazing array of digital pipettes - plus our PI loves new technology!! Imagine a lab with 15-20 people who rush between stations with newly stacked with shiny new pipettes.........then the p2 GMO goes down with calibration error after 4weeks, then 8weeks later......then p10 on DNA gel bench has fatal error..........then protein loading p10 and p20 go down at the same time......


We un-retired our trusty Classics.....revamped them, re-calibrated, even serviced a few.....

Lab Happy, Data/Results flowing as normal......PI muuuuch happier!!

Hope you have luck in choosing your new pipettes smile.gif


Hamilton... don't go there... Although I've never personally used them, my lab mates hate them!!.. We have 1 space that we share with another lab who are using the Hamilton pipettes and all the people in my lab have noticed differences in pipetting volume. Pipetting 1 ml for 10 times, we have 10 different volumes... Not so good!!..
Personally I like the Eppendorf better. My old lab used to have Gilson, which worked fine, untill you actually do a whole lot of pipetting, like 4 X 96 well plates by hand, stuff like that.. My wrist was killing me, not only wihile working, but while doing nothing and it even interrupted my sleeping!... And if anyone touches my sleep... BEWARE! ninja.gif

Anyway, I found the Eppendorf are very close in accuracy (if there's a difference at all!) and so much more comfortable!
But I heard Gilson as soft-touch pipettes now to, maybe that might work better.. But still I try to stay away from them...
Just 1 more opinion!

BTW Finnpipette great for multichannels, I haven't tried them as single though... But really love them as multichannels!

The only advantage Rainin has is that they don't use any of the rubbers, but they are not very accurate and I found they have to be serviced almost every 3 months. One of the multichannels that we had, worked well for about a half year, after that, it was sending back and forth to Rainin to get it serviced or fixed. It would work for about to weeks and we would have to send it back again... So NOT my favorite!

Again, just my opinion and experience... Other people, other experiences...


If you are buying electronic pipettes, I recommended Eppendorf.

-Minnie Mouse-

so far, i like Eppendorf coz their pipette are comfortable to use and they don't simply change "drastically" like Gilson.

As i told you guys earlier that our lab new digital Gilson drived me crazy... recently, somebody fr Gilson HQ, France came to Malaysia and the distributor took him and have a meeting with us regarding the problem we faced.
They replaced a "new version" of digital Gilson pipette and "promise" the newly improved version is MUCH MORE BETTER... YOU CAN CALIBRATE ON YOUR OWN IF ANY ERROR HAPPEN... so, we don't need to send back to the factory to fix in when error appear.
but the problem is: the pipette will still appear "error" and we still need extra work to "calibrate on our own".
He claim it is more convenient and better. But I don't see how.
He then said that the digital Gilson is better to be used as a "personal" pipette by soembody who is trained and know HOW TO USE IT CORRECTLY....
It is not suitable to be used as "lab pipette"... where everyone is sharing.
Finally, he said we will definitely love the pipette as it is very accurate... blah blah blah...

sigh... i guess this will be the one and only set of digital Gilson in our lab....
I don't think we will fall for anymore "high tech digital" things like this.
Anyway, the good thing is a post-doc in our lab pity the pipette and volunteer to use the pipette.


Hi, all,

From all your useful comments, we ordered gilson Pipetman® Neo pipettes which provide reduction of pipetting and purge forces. They are so accurate and I love them so much!

We had pipettes from Rainin in our lab. We had to have them calibrated every half a year. Even though calibrated, they don't last long time. Only few days latter, they are getting worse and worse. You get different amount of sample when you use the same tip to take the same sample twice or more. I've never prewet my tips and reused tips to take the same sample when i use Rainin pipettes. Although Rainin pipettes have their own advantages, i don't recommend.


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good luck



QUOTE (hilim @ Sep 15 2008, 01:52 PM)
very helpful to use for getting the product you need in less price
good luck

it will be better than start searching all the commpanies, that site has all the companies for lab equipment cool.gif


Pipettes are commonly used in chemistry and molecular biology research as well as medical tests. Pipettes come in several designs for various purposes with differing levels of accuracy and precision, from single piece glass pipettes to more complex adjustable or electronic pipettes. A pipette works by creating a vacuum above the liquid-holding chamber and selectively releasing this vacuum to draw up and dispense liquid.
Our mission is to provide high quality end to end solutions to the BPO segment in a manner that will improve the operational efficiency while reducing the cost of the services to the client.


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