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Internal controls for plant RT-QPCR? - (Apr/04/2008 )

Can anybody tell me what would be the best internal controls for QPCR for Plant analysis? I have previously used ubiquitin conjugase enzyme II, but some say that B-actin is better. Are there others out there that are better? Thanks.



If you want be sure about the best internal control genes, you should test some potential internal genes, and check their stability in your specific experiment; you can use Genorm and Normfinder to get the best control genes to use. In this way, you are sure about your final result. Be aware that the use of unsuitable control genes can significantly change your final conclusion.

Hope this helps


I use b-actin and I'm satisfied of the results.
Experienced people suggested me to use b-actin, but then - before making a choice - I browsed a lot of literature and I found that many papers refer about that gene as a good endogenous reference gene.

What kind of study are you planning to perform?