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Worries about ChIP results.. - (Apr/04/2008 )

Hi there,

I've been doing ChIP for two weeks now and something happened today... I was following the protocol as usual and the next step was to add the RNAse into my tubes. So I opened the tube, took 2 ul and added it to one tube. But.. as I put the tube back into my rack, I suddently realize I had taken the Salmon Sperm DNA tube, rather than the RNAse tube.. So I now have SS DNA in my tubes dry.gif

Do you guys think my ChIP will still be usable?


That sucks. Depends on how specific your primers are, but I'd say that it'd be a good practice to start over. You're not alone, I forgot to dilute my SDS last week before the Rnase A and Proteinase K steps and I think its totally messing up my PCR reaction because only 2 of the 4 primer sets are working. Hopefully I can just redo those steps and re-extract my DNA. Otherwise that's 3 days of work and $300 in antibodies down the drain.