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Troubleshoot PCR smear problem - all I got was smear!! (Aug/18/2004 )

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QUOTE (hans @ Oct 14 2006, 08:57 AM)

How important is it to change the TAE buffer used to run the gels? and how often should I change it?


QUOTE (kiwi @ Sep 9 2004, 12:42 AM)
Hi Kudna,

I have had this problem before in the lab. But we realised that it was because People in the lab were too lazy to change the TAE buffer that was used to run the gel.

Hope this helps!


it is better to change the buffer solution after 3 times of usage


For gel running buffers it is not necessary to change often. As long as the bands are clear, there are no speckles on gel after running and no smiley-effects, its fine. Oh yeah, you can still use it even if the buffer has some strands of "tissue-like" things in it, but its better if you filter it through a normal filter paper, if you don't wanna waste buffers n protect the environment more. haha



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