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Acetone precipitation - (Mar/25/2008 )

I got struggle angry.gif with the dissolving my pellet after acetone precipitation with PBS as a buffer of choice.
do you think i need to change the buffer, but i need to be compatible with iTRAQ or any subsequent analysis! blink.gif
also, how much do you think we need to add to the pellet!! blush.gif

thanking in advance


Is your pellet completely dry? Any residual acetone can make resuspension very very hard. let it dry for an hr or more.


Hey Smartsunny

first of all many thanks for your replay. I thought I'll never get an answer but you keep the hope up.
However, someone told that keeping dry too much will be very hard to resuspension again!! wacko.gif
also, do you recommend to use TCA and when ! by the way, I'm propose to use for iTRAQ.

again Many thanks for your helping...
cheers blush.gif