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How much cDNA from RNA toata?! - (Mar/17/2008 )

Hi, I'm tryng to set up a real time pcr but I'm new to technique!
In many scientific articles I read people use a definited quantity of cDNA (as 100ng or 500 ng... and so on) for qPCR but I don't understand how they do it... I mean... if I reverse transcript 1 ug di RNA total, what is the quantity of cDNA product? How I can stimate the amount volume which corresponde for example to 100 ng cDNA?! There is a mathematical relationship between the start amount of RNA total and the cDNA product?
Sorry if my english is not good... I'm italian
Thanks a lot



Generally people assume a 100% conversion RNA to cDNA, as measuring cDNA is not practical.

Hope this helps

-erica arborea-

Thaks a lot smile.gif