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Snail Enzyme - Cellulase, xylanase, reducing sugar (Mar/14/2008 )

Dear all scinetist,

I am new member, and i am glad to use this forum. Please anyone feel happy to help me and answer my problem below:
1. I want extract snail tissues which are : intestinal, salivary duct and stomach. In this case i have no idea how to do?
2. After I have extracted snail, then i want o use purification mehtod to get pure enzymes (cellulase and xylanase) and can analyze with further test. Please help how to purified those enzymes?
3. How to get clearly of reducing sugar with those enzymes activity?
4. How to use suitable chromatography if i want to know only better fraction that contain beta glucosidase, or any sugar that obtain in the active enzymes?
5. I still confuse too much this chromathography, so please drive me clear?
6. How to use suitable SDS page in terms of the MW of beta glucosdase?

thanks so much

Master Degree student
Prince of Songkla Univ.
Hat Yai


Hi Sendy,

Welcome to the forum. We're happy to help with any problems you may be having but at the same time were not here to do your research. To help answer your questions, type in some of the protocols you need to do in Google or Wikipedia to learn more about them. This will also take you to company websites that sell the products you need and these sites also contain good information on each protocol.

Good luck,