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Reconstituting lyophilized oligonucelotides - How to make a stock solution with specific molarity, given with a cert (Mar/10/2008 )

hello all
I am a little confused about the calculations we need to do in order to make a stock solution of lyophilized primers. Let me be more specific.
For example I have received X ug of my primer in lyophilized form. These X ug correspond to Y nmoles of my primer. Now wat I will have to do with it to make a you can say A uM solution of these. Kinldy if anyone can help me out

-Muhammad Umer-

This is how we do it.

for eg.
If it says 28.4 nmoles – add 284μl of water/TE to get 100pmol/μl or 100μM sol. . this is the stock solution. Dilute accordingly for your experiments.