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Hi there,

Apart from those comercial available kits for albumin removal from serum/plasma samples, I am looking for a "home made" protocol.
I heard once about chloroform deslipidation which also removes albumin content but donĀ“t have the protocol anymore.
Any suggestion??


You could try dialysis. Or affinity chromatography. Run a gel before and after to check.


beckman-coulter has a igy based albumin removal system. some others may have similar. this is more specific than other methods (eg-blue dextran agarose) and does not also deplete other proteins.

i realize that this is not homemade (unless your lab or institute or school or company is set up to make antibodies in chicken eggs), as you requested, but it should work a lot better.

if you can dialyze the albumin away then you will lose a lot of other proteins along with it.