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quantifting GUS - (Feb/28/2008 )


I am using GUS to see the behavior of my protein under different results I have been taking pictures but i would like to have some numbers to support what the pictures show.....I was thinking about measurin the intensity of the blue (there are some programs than do that) but there should be more standar you know were can I find a protocol for this?
by the way, I work with arabidopsis...



MUG fluorometric assay is most commonly used for quantitative analysis of GUS. I think ur working with Promoter GUS fusions.You can easily find this in many research articles. You can give a search in google / pubmed.

all the best



You could also transform your plants with another reporter gene (say luciferase) under a constitutive promoter and quantify your GUS intensity as a ratio in comparison to the luciferase intensity (which will be constant).

This of course will only be doable if you're willing to lose some more time to prepare the constructs and re-transform your transgenic plants....