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electroporation of agrobacterium - (Feb/26/2008 )

Hi, all

I have transformed my construct (plasmid having chloramphenicol resistance) to agrobaterium tumefacienc (LBA4404) wiht electroporation and i got some colony on L.B plate containing Chloramphenicol as well as rifampicn. However this colony is dirty pink in colour incontrast to cramish agrobacterium colony. These colony are also grown in liquid media containing both antibiotics.

Does any body tell me that why the colour colony is change or whether it is contamination?



What's the antibiotic concentration that you're using? Chloramphenicol is a bacteriostatic and it's possible to have the wrong bacteria growing on your plates after a while. Most importantly, did you include a negative (no plasmid) and a positive control in your transformation? If you have pink colonies growing on your negative, then it's contamination for sure. Hope this helps!