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DGGE and SSCP in one aparathure - Opinioin on the INGENYphorU system (Feb/23/2008 )

Hi everyone,
please write me your experience or reference for the INGENYphorU system which is designed for methods : SSCP, DGGE, TGGE, HA and PTT. What is better. The all methods in one aparathure or separaliter. I want to buy this system but I donĀ“t know, whether is good for SSCP. I know that this system is very good for DGGE and TGGE but I need make the SSCP too. PLease write me your opinion on this INGENYphorU system.

Thank you very much


We are using the Ingeny system in our lab mainly for DGGEs. The major advantages over the biorad kit are the potential to run a huge number of samples per gel (up to 48) and more convenient design of the heating element (and general beter temperature stability). On the other hand most protocols/published work have been optimised for the Biorad kit and reoptimisation is necessary. A good site for comparison is:

I have not tried running any SSCPs on the Ingeny system. I would be interested to hear about it as well.