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Cation exchange column - which is the best one? - (Feb/20/2008 )

Hi people,
we want to buy a strong cation exchange column for protein purification, but because we do not have many experinces, we do not know from which company and which column could be the best one. We want a semi-analytical column for maximal several tens milligrams of protein.

I know that Mono Q (anion exchange column) from Amersham Biosciences works very well, but there are for sure other companies producing HPLC/FPLC columns. For example, I found cation exchange column TSKgel SP-5PW from Tosoh which seems to be also good.
Could you recommend me any particular column? Do you have experience with that TSKgel SP-5PW?

Thanks for your suggestion,


for cation exchange you can use mono s, resource s or source s from ge healthcare (amersham).

i haven't used them but i have used the anion exchangers (q) and the resolution is excellent.

i have also used the tsk anion exchanger and it also works well but i prefer the others.