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nonreducing condition - (Feb/12/2008 )

what are the situations that we run a gel in a nonreducing condition?



first you should think about your buffers, for a nonreducing gel you have to avoid SDS, DTT, b-Mercaptoethanol and so on.
I am doing native gels and I run them in a cold room. For my application, it works quite well.


you can run a gel in a non-reducing condition if you don't want to break up subunits that are held together by disulfide bonds or if you don't want to completely unfold a peptide (prior to injection for antibody production).

or (the reason that i do it this way) to avoid artifactual bands (in the 55-70 kDa range), especially when running for a western (the bands will also show up when immunostaining).

and, yes you would use sds for this.