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siRNA chemical synthesis - which company is reliable? (Jul/30/2004 )

Hello colleagues,

I am going to start my RNAi experiment. I know there are ways of generating siRNA by PCR and cloning. But I want to save some time, thus chemical synthesis will be the choice. I would like to know what is your experience with different companies with regard to siRNA design, reliability, delievery and price.

Thank you in advance for your input



I have so far ordered 3 siRNAs from Invitrogen. experimental result looks good.

strong points: online design tool, siRNA arrives allealed (very convienient) around $200 for one pair, sufficient for lots of transfections.

also use its Lipofectamine 2000 for transfection.

have not tried other companies.


my senior had used the the siRNA transfection reagent from Gene Therapy Systems.

According to him, it's good. And he suggested to me to use it for my future research.

Maybe you can visit the following URL to find out more.