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Ion exchange media help - TEAE-cellulose & Dowex 1 (Feb/07/2008 )

Does anyone knows if TEAE-cellulose or Dowex 1 X1 50/100 are suitable media for protein or peptide ion exchange? I mean - MW range of 30-300 kDa, 10-100 kDa or below 20 kDa.
Thanks in advance!


i'm not sure about dowex (i don't know how porous it may be) but cellulose exchangers are usually okay with proteins, regardless of size. i don't know how strong an ion exchanger TEAE is but you can usually adjust the conditions (pH, starting salt concentration, etc) to make it usable with your protein.



TEAE is 'triethylaminoethyl' and I think it's strong.