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absolute qPCR problem - (Feb/06/2008 )

Hello evrybody.

I have a big problem i can't resolve alone.
We are working on DNA and we have to quantify DNA (amount
of a given fragment) by real time PCR.

The problem is that we can't use a housekeeping gene to normalize because in one assay we will have DNA of this housekeeping gene A (but not the second one named cool.gif and in other assay we will have to choose another housekeeping gene B (because the first A isn't at the same "expression" level in the second assay, inversely for B in the first condition) so we can't have the same housekeeping gene fragment to amplify as a "normalizator".

After reading litterature i think we should use absolute quantification (with a standard curve for the first condition and a standard curve for the second condition).
My question is, can i use absolute quantification in ng/µL (and not in copy numbers) without normalizing at the end?

Thanks for people who know the answer


What about making an artificial internal control template out of lambda DNA.


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