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PBS buffer - (Feb/06/2008 )

hello, sorry for the stupid question but i always bought PBS buffer, now i must do it. If i get PBS 10X how many time could i store it ? And what's the storage temperature optimum? Is it the same thing if i autoclave or filter it? thank you!


We store 10x PBS in closed container at RT as long as it stays clear and pH of both 10x and 1x solutions is within desired range. You may try to store at +4 deg.C but see if salts don't crystallize and keep container closed to avoid evaporation. As good as I know for PBS autoclaving or sterile filtration won't make much difference. I would choose sterile filtration to actually remove particulates, not just to kill microorganisms.


We store 10x or even 1x PBS in RT. If its going to be used for cell culture or for some animal studies, then i would sterile filter and autoclave it.