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taqman probe design - (Feb/04/2008 )


I am looking to do a qPCR on a highly polymorphic region. I have designed primers that amplify a single product through touchdown- now my problem is the taqman probe--- is there any free software that i can download to design a probe? will it be a problem if it is a degenerate probe?

condused PhD student



You can try on from roche, on the "assay design center" part you can chose your gene or paste your sequence and you will get all probes that match your fragment. Click for "more assays" to get more possible probes.
Note that on this page you only can get pre-designed probes, I don't know if you can design your own and order it.

If it is a degenerate probe, you may have problems with specificity :S

I hope it helps laugh.gif