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mrna size 2to construct cDNA libary - what is the size of mRNA Needed 2 work cDNA libary (Jan/29/2008 )

dear friends,
i have to prepere cDNA Libary from a rice variety 2 identify gene expression of that variety under salt i have extracted the total rna.ill be extracting mRNA by DYNAL bead.
my question is this : what is the good size range of mrna for a CDNA libary construction? could you all tell me what is the good CDNA libary construcion kit 2 work my research? did any body worked with "Cloneminer cDNA libary kit" of invitrogen?



i think you need to have the library span over all possible size ranges.
we used the smart library technique from clonetech. i didn't use it, but others in my lab have. it seems to work well.