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Taqman Vs SYBR Green - new to qRT-PCR and trying to learn.... (Jan/23/2008 )

Hi All,

I'm new to qRT-PCR, and I'm trying to learn about it before I start, there seems to be lots of terminology that seems confusing - melting curves, ct's etc could anyone suggest a good place to find this info out, that goes through all of qRT-PCR in detail??

The other thing is - could anyone tell me how to choose between SYBR green or a Taq man assay. I know SYBR is cheaper but is that the only difference? How do you guys decide which one to use.

Thanks in advance!!


for general information:

concerning choosing between sybr and taqman:

as a first hint i would say it depends on your time and money.

if money is no problem but time go for taqman.

if money is a problem but you have time to play around with primer optimization use sybr.

if money and time is a problem: than you have to prioritize. spend more money for qPCR or work harder wink.gif

-Ned Land-