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production of monoclonal antibody when the host protein is having sequence simil - (Jan/23/2008 )

hi all
I want to produce a monoclonal antibody. The problem I am facing is that the peptide sequence( immunogen ) is similar to the host protein,!!! what are the steps to be taken care of during these conditions. And how is it possible to produce Mab as the the sequence will be considered as its own?? Moreover i cant change the peptide sequence!!! If at all i conjugate my peptide to a carrier protein will that make a difference? Can anyone please give any suggestion regarding this .. it willl be very helpful..

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i think u use KLH conjugated peptides for immunization and observe the titiers.

second one u can go recombinant antibodies, made in bacteria...


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how will klh conjugation help ??


peptide conjugation to KLH is recommended for low molecular weight, non-antigenic haptens to elicit an immunogenic response.

if u want more info, do home work and find how KLH is helpful....

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QUOTE (nish @ Jan 27 2008, 07:24 PM)
how will klh conjugation help ??

-donot lie for ever-