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using less SYBR green master mix than suggested? - SYBR green use (Jan/21/2008 )

Hi there
i have been told that it is possible to use less than the suggested volume of SYBR green mastermix (Verso SYBR Green 1-Step QRT-PCR ROX Kit) to add to the 96-well plate assay and this is still ok.....something like 6-8µl instead of 12.5µl? can anyone advise me on this or validate it?
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-emily kewley-

Scale down your rxns so the master mix is still 2X.
You can easily do a rxn volume of 15 microlitres using 7.5 master mix.
I find for myself that a 10 microlitre rxn is difficult to reproduce due to pipetting errors but some people have
no problems.