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sterile working microbiology cellbiology: need a book - laminar air flow , cleaning, autoclave (Jan/21/2008 )

Im looking for a good book (german oder english).

I need to set up a small training for my colleagues "how to reduce the danger of contamination in bacteria and cellculture"
with practical hinds for: laminar air fow work, pipets, cleaning routine, autoclave, ....

Hope some one can give me a good hint for a current ( +/- 5 Year ) book. I mean we all learnd the techniks from
someone else who has leand it 20 years ago, mixed it with own experiences etc.



Three books that might help.

1. Kathy Barker's "At the Bench," on Cold Spring harbour Press. ISBN 0-87969-523-4. This has chapters covering alll that you would need: lab notebooks, reagents and Buffers, Working without Contamination, Cell culture, Bacteria, DNA, RNA, protein, centrifugation and so on. very much a bench-top practical manual.

2. Practical Skills in Biomolecular Sciences." Reed, Holmes, Weyers & Jones. Published by Pearson Prentice Hall. ISBN is 0-130-45142-8. This is a bigger book covering lab techniques, cells, cultures, microbiology and the usual analytical techniques. Each chapter has a dozen or so study questions and tasks. A super reference book with very useful tables.

3. Freshneys Cell Culture is The text for cell culture but may be more advanced for your student's needs. There's also a"practical Apporach to Cell Culture" book. i think it's in the IRL series (Oxford Press). Sorry, don't know the IRN off hand. Let me know if you do need it as I have the book at home.

From what you write, I'd say kathy Barker's would be the best.

Hope that helps.


thank you very much paraboxa,

First I will read Kathy Barker's book.

Maybe someone has a old lecture notes (Skript) from the UNI oder FH ? some .pdf oder .doc or powerpoint file