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IEF gel problem - (Jul/16/2004 )

I have a problem with the gel what appears during the isoelectric focusing (IEF). Every time the gel after the basic end of gel melts. The focusing I pass in buffers 20 THE mM NaOH and H3PO4. The composition of the gel: akrylamide/bis-akrylamide 28,4:1,6; the glycerine, ampholine pH 3-10 , APS , TEMED , H2O. The used voltage is 100 - 150 V, by 24 h. What is wrong?



u cast your own gel strips for 1st Dimension? Is the price a lot cheaper then commercial ones?

Havent had problems with gel melting on the basic side for the current commercial ones i have been using. Just that the electrode pad seems to stick to the gel when removing, might remove some of the gel at that area also