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antibody shelf life? - (Jul/14/2004 )

i've inherited some old antibody samples (anti involucrin from harbor bioscience and anti keratin 17 from zymed) dating from 1998-1999-2000. they were stored in the fridge, according to the datasheet. what do you think, does it make sense to test whether they're still working? or shall i throw them away?
thanks for any suggestion.


antibody shelf life is about 5 years. check this link

Please remember that most reagents have longer shelf life than what vendors recommended for understandable reason. check this article


thanks mate, i'll try them! i've a total of 20 mL (!!!) of anti-involucrin antibody which is commercialized right now at about 300 euro for 1 mL. would be a shame to throw them away.