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yeast complementation - (Jul/13/2004 )


I'd like to know if anyone's working with a particular mutant strain in yeast called JT-16.And if yes,what is the selction marker you use.I work with JT-16 and from literature i know that it is an auxotroph for histidine.i want to transform JT-16 with my gene of interest and want to identify my transformed cells from my empty vector using a selection marker.which marker should i use?

Thanks for the help.



Usually, transformants are selected on SC medium supplemented with 6 mM histidine. For nonselective conditions, the medium is supplemented with 30 mM histidine. (Wolfgang, et al. Reduced amino acid content in transgenic potato tubers due to antisense inhibition of the leaf H+/amino acid symporter StAAP1. The Plant Journal 33 (2), 211-220.)


Thanks so much for the help:)