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qrt-pcr on bacterial transcripts - (Jan/09/2008 )

Hello, im new to the forum and new to qrt-pcr. I am having a hard time finding literature on qrt-pcr done on bacterial mRNA and was wondering if anyone had any established protocols or knew of any papers i could read for a better understanding. basically i have various changes in a promoter and want to compare how these changes effect the level of transcription from the promoter. I know that qiagen and promega sell kits to prepare bacterial mRNA, but i do not know much beyond that. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Also if anyone knows a review or resourse link which describes each of the various options when designing a qrt-pcr experiment i would appreciate that as well

thanks again


if you're comfortable with Qiagen and like their stuff, contact your local sales rep and ask if you can get together and talk about starting qRTPCR. I caved in to an aggressive sales rep and did just that 4 years ago when I started to do qRTPCR, and it was really valuable. I didn't even buy any of the kits or materials from qiagen, just spent some time with the rep going over the technology and asking my specific questions. it was really, really valuable - even if you didn't choose qiagen, maybe stratagene, ambion, ABI have something in your area? Roche, etc. tons of people are into that tech these days

I would go to the sites of the major players and get contact info for their regional sales rep. contact them and tell them you're just getting started and want to talk about your options. then, see what happens - you should get at least one person willing to come to you, and probably give you free samples too to at least play with