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Stock solutions? - Does anyone use them?? (Jan/08/2008 )

Hey there!!

I have a doubt about what to use from a stock solution, I mean, I know I can use EDTA or NaCl as concentrated stock solutions and dilute them for working solutions, but can I do the same for compounds like B-glicerophosphate, EGTA, Sodium Pyrophosphate and Sodium Ortovanadate?? It'd be easier to use them form stock solutions than weight very few micrograms in each experiment that i use to do....

I hope you could give me some advice!!!!



i use triton x and pbs (phosphate buffered saline - we used to use a powder)
i no longer use paraformaldehyde but make that up fresh
most of my choice comes from trying and seeing if it works as well - a bit hit and miss i know but there are so many factors involved - i dont know about the stuff you use so lets hope someone here has experience

good luck



I used frozen aliquotes of Na orthovanadate


we have stock solution for EGTA.

Some chemicals might not be stable for long periods so one has to make them up fresh for each use like PFA.