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Licl precipitation: -80°C or -20°C; with/without ethanol; 1hour or overnightl - (Dec/13/2007 )

Usually, we use Licl to precipitate RNA. But I am puzzled about some details:

a. which temperature is better? -80°C or -20°C
b. should ethanol be used together?
c. the mixture should be stored at a low temperature for several hours or overnight?



I also applied LiCl2 to precipitate RNA.

let me give answers of your questions according to procedure in my lab. (things, that I suggest you, are working)

a-)-20 C is better
b-)your question is not clear. but still try to answer in the way that ı understood it. 70% ethanol is used after removal of LiCl2 after centrifugation.
c-)Your mix should contain 1 V of RNA, 1V of LiCl2 and 1V of ddH2O. This mix should be store at -20 C. Many procedure state that 30 min. is enough to provide RNA integration. However in our lab we applied keeping mix at -20 C for at least 1 hour 30 min. More is better, overnight incubation is even perfect.

be aware of nor loosing RNA after treatment because it will be invisible just because of cleaning of RNA

take care