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Storage Genomic DNA - (Dec/11/2007 )


I need to store my samples of genomic DNA at Room Temperature as I have no enough space in freezer at -20°C. Is it possible to store it as is after ethanol precipitation?, and then when i need it, i dissolve it in TE?


not such a good idea. can you at least store the DNA-TE solution at 4 Celsius?

I have notice that DNA once it becomes too dry, it has a hard time resuspending in solution. I am not sure about this situation but this is something I will be concern about if one is attempting to leave out ethanol percipitated DNA in a tube for too long.

Can you throw stuff out of the -20?


Sometimes DNA pellet might not resuspend or poorly dissolve if its dried out. Better to store in 4C after resuspension than as a pellet in RT.


either clean out the -20'C, store the DNA in a -70'c (if you have one), or store it at 4'C.
pellets are a pain the ***.