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96 Well PCR clean up - Looking for a reliable product (Jun/29/2004 )

Hi guys,
I'm pretty new here but I like the look of this place, so sorry if I've broken protocol.

What I'm looking for is a good product that enables 96 well cleanup of PCR products for the purposes of sequencing.
I would also rather use a centrifugation step in this process rather than using a vacuum pump, any suggestions.
Cheers guys.

-Schrodinger's Cat-

Oh yeah my pcr products are from about 500bp to 900bp, if that information helps anyone to help me out.

-Schrodinger's Cat-

I use the NucleoFast 96 PCR by Macherey-Nagel ( and it works like a charm. I use their vacuum manifold, but you can also stick it in a centrifuge.