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"Antidote" For Phenol Burns - What do you use? (Dec/10/2007 )

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QUOTE (genehunter-1 @ Dec 10 2007, 05:31 PM)
I would avoid further organic solvent irritation. Wash with a gental ditergent, rise with a lot of water, put some ice on the wound area. Put some skin care product over it. Inflammation is sure to come, maybe better treatment targeting this effect can help. If serious, you should see a medical doctor.

I'd just like to add that if the burn is anything beyond a very small splash I'd seek medical aid immedietly.
Phenol poisoning can be very nasty/fatal, and with quite small volumes.


umm... isn't IMS doctored Ethanol (aka ethanol with something that makes it undrinkable... bitterax, or even methanol!).

I would say IMS is worse then pure ethanol.


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