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FACS analysis with winMDI - need help in editing the histogram (Dec/06/2007 )

Hi all,
i am new to the field of FACS analysis and i was wondering does anybody know how can i get rid of the events that create the right signal on the graph? it becomes more disturbing if i want to use the 3D option. I attached a file with an example to what i see. I will appreaciate your help! I am using the WinMDI 2.9 software.


hi muni,

i think you should considere these events
next time you make a FACS exp, decrease the fluorescence voltage and center the major peak on the x-axis
you may discover one another population with higher fluorescence intensity than the first population
try to find if it corresponds to autofluorescence or fluorescence of cell aggregates; diminish concentration of the marker or the incubation time; add other wash steps...

in case you want to hide this signal, first select this population on a normal 2D histogram with the region tool, then draw a 3D histrogram and gate "not R"