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Need help with application of different vectors - (Dec/06/2007 )

Hi everyone, I have got some problems understanding things in my molecular biology course. I hope that you guys would be able to help me with it. I have learn the characteristics of several different vectors and a brief idea of what they are for. But I want to know more under what condition, it would be more convenient for me to use a specific factors. The vectors that I have learned are pUC 18/19, Lambda EMBL, Lambda gt10, gt11, Lambda ZAP, cosmid, and M13 bacteriophage. Thanks for you guys who helped.


have you tried looking up who makes these vectors?
they'd have data sheets on each one, describing the various things in each one.
from that, you can decide which vector is better suited to what you are planning on doing.
what are you planning on doing? cloning, expression, virus production...

here's a link for lambda vectors: