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HELP with qPCR results - (Dec/05/2007 )

Can anybody help me with how I can present my qPCR results? I did standard curves for my GOI and housekeeping primers and the efficiency is the same, I get nice -3,3 slope. Bu the problem is I don't have a control because I'm trying to see what is the expression like in different tumor cell lines. Is it possible to present the results simply as GOI/housekeeping ratio based on Ct values. Because in order to do 2-deltadelta CT I need control and treatment and in my case there isn't any.
Thanks in advance..


I would look for an equation that allows you to calculate mRNA copy #; that may be the easiest way?


You may want to check another housekeeping gene. If the ration of GOI/HKG1 and GOI/HKG2 is the same in all your cell lines, then your results can be compared, I think.


Yes, you can use GOI/housekeeping ratio (called "delta Ct") or you simply choose one of the cell lines as a "control" and do delta-delta Ct with it.
It's only a matter of definig one of the samples as "1", the ratios are the same, they only look better for comparision.