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Storage of transformation reaction mix (Promega) - CLoning-transformation (Dec/02/2007 )


How can the remaining transformation mixture (Promega) be stored after using 100ul for plating (post-37c incubation).
Can it be stored at 4c and be reuse for plating after that? How long can it be stored?

Thank you


Store it at 4°C, it should be fine. I often keep my unplated transformation mixture in the fridge. If I discover after o/n incubation that I need more colonies, I spin down the transformation mixture to concentrate the cells at the bottom, then aspirate most of the media with a pipette. I then briefly vortex the tube to suspend the cells in the remaining volume and plate in on one plate.


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Yeh, you could leave it in 4C and use it the next day. On occasions, I have left it at RT, O/N and plated them next day.