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Costs of knock-out mice - How many $/€ costs a KO mouse? (Dec/02/2007 )

Hi everybody! (Long time I haven't written)

I am writting a Project according to very strict rules, and I am asked for the minor details. The project is the development of a conditional KO (cKO) mouse strain, using the LoxP method (which up to now I haven't used before, neither none of my lab). As far as I understand, we need the Cre-expressing strain so it works.

Can anybody tell me how much costs a pack of them? I don't need the exact prize, just the magnitude (1 $, 10$, 50$, 100$ per mouse...?). In detail, it should be an inducible expression at will (with the aid of tetracycline or something like), not a tissue-depending one.

As the project must include a risk management section, I should say what we would do if we don't manage to engineer the cKO. Does anybody have an idea how much it costs to order such an animal and how long should we wait?

I am also asking the companies, of course, but I appreciate much more your help, as it comes from the real experience!

Thanks a lot in advance!


i've never worked with cre lox - but i'm assuming the prices would be similar with a transgenic.

if we require to import mice, the cost is AU $460.
this cost includes the quarantine certificate (AU$260)

to use a service to house and maintain the mice, breeding, plug check, and routine stuff, this costs AU$200 per strain per month.

If you require pronuclei injections, this costs between $950 - 1300 per session. You typically use 2 sessions per construct. If you don't have any pups with the transgene, then you repeat the sessions. this will add extra costs.
the price includes the superovulated and mated donor female mice, embryo collection, microinjection, pseudo-preg femals, embryo transfer, consumables, and rent for the boxes until the mice are weened.

if you require blastocoel injections, the cost is AU$1000-1350.

If you are going to produce the KO mice by aggregation of embryonic stem cells with morula stage mosue embryos the prices are between AU$900 and 1200.
This includes superovulated and mated donor females, embryo collection, morula aggregation, embryo culture, pseudopreg mothers and embryo transger, and box rent. Once again, you'd need at least 2 sessions for each clone.
you'd also have to provide at least 2 frozen vials of clones for injection.
testng for the germline transmission would be extra.

the transgenic mice take a couple of months until they are delivered to your animal house. if all goes well.

Hope that helps a bit.



QUOTE ("vetticus3")
Hope that helps a bit.

A bit? if you were a woman I should invite you for a dinner!! Thank you very much, the information is excellent and the links you added helps me even more!

Really, thanks again, you cannot imagine how easier you made my work today! I hope someday I can give it back


Radar, you are so cheap! You still owe him/her a good dinner even if vetticus3 may not be a lady. wink.gif


This is what the board is for!!!

If you happen to have an animal house, just email them, and they'll probably give you a price sheet with their costs.