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freeze drying of genomic DNA - i want store The DNA genomic for many years what is the butter manner (Nov/27/2007 )

Hi All,
I want store The genomic DNA for many years, what is the butter manner, it is possibe to freeze dryer the DNA without any genetic affect
thank for your responses!


DNA molecules are quiet stable. As long as you control the pH to neutral, Ca2+ and Mg2+ free (with added EDTA), under -20C you can keep it for long time. Ethanol precipitation is better and DNA is easier to reconstitute to solution than dried samples.


I agree with genehunter. Store DNA in TE at -20C. This should keep your samples for generations to come.


can't be certain about generations laugh.gif , but if the DNA made by my supervisor is any indicator, it'll last most certainly two, even three decades