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In immunoprecipitation, how to elute proteins without IgG disturb? - (Nov/22/2007 )

hi, everybody! I wanted to use the proteins eluted from immunoprecipitated beads to perform 2D-PAGE. I boiled the beads and used 2D-clean-up kit to remove SDS and other salts, but the IgG was also released from beads and disturbed the 2D gel pattern. who can tell me a method that can effectively elute proteins but not IgG from beads . kit is ok, too. thanks!


You may wish to crosslinking the antibody to the beads using dimethy pimelimidate.

Please check link

Hope this help.

-Minnie Mouse-

Hi, Minnie Mouse, thank you! I think the method your recommended wil l be work. I'll try next days!